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You know. Testimony means so much to me. And seeing Jenn’s (my newly engaged friend), is such an amazing picture of God’s restoring grace in our lives. 
Is her life perfect? Far from. But this is a woman who came from an awful childhood situation and has been through quite a dose of unhealthy relationships. Like I mean, I met her 8 years ago and watched several boys treat her like SHIT. & she gave her whole heart to them. All our high school-esque conversations about the men we hoped we’d marry one day, and then Terry happens. Set up on a blind date 2 months after moving back to Michigan (a place she did not want to be, by the way). 
Her heart has flourished with him. Has it been easy for her, trusting that Terry would love her despite her experience with love? No. Has their relationship been a fairytale? Based on her Instagram, most would say yes ;) but I know it hasn’t been. 
But Terry loves her so well, the best he knows how. I adore Terry for the friend he is to Nick. I love him even more for the husband he’ll be to Jenn. His love makes her glow. And I am just obsessed with the life I know they’ll have. 

Nick brought me lunch at work today and we were talking about our friend popping the big question today and it turns out Nick knows a lot more about rings than I do. 

He’s naming off all these cuts and I’m just like, “…is it…square?……”


I sneezed at my internship and from like down a hallway and across the office my mom texted me “bless you”

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My first q&a video has over 800 views on youtube and I feel weird that over 800 people have watched me talk about absolutely nothing.

Quiet moments alone on chilly summer days.


July 2014 Playlist

I made a playlist for myself of this month’s heart songs. Thought I’d share it with you guys :)

  1. You’re In Love - Betty Who
  2. Fever Dream - Iron & Wine
  3. Lifeline (live) - Hillsong Young & Free
  4. Refuse To Be Denied - The Desperation Band
  5. All Eyes On You - St. Lucia
  6. Ordinary - Copeland
  7. Tether - CHVRCHES
  8. Letting Go - Bethel Music
  9. As Much As I Ever Could - City And Colour
  10. The Golden State - City and Colour
  11. Smoke - Daughter
  12. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” - Fall Out Boy
  13. Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms
  14. I Don’t Know You - From Indian Lakes
  15. Words And Lines - Green Or Blue
  16. Honey & I - Haim
  17. Heart Runs - John Mark McMillian
  18. Strawberry Bubblegum - Justin Timberlake
  19. Two Way Street - Kimbra
  20. Your Hand In Mine - Explosions In The Sky
  21. Let Your Love Grow Tall - Passion Pit
  22. Hold My Hand - New Found Glory
  23. Cemetery - Say Anything
  24. Hello Hurricane - Switchfoot
  25. Crystal - Two Door Cinema Club
Title: Refuse To Be Denied Artist: The Desperation Band 89 plays

Refuse To Be Denied | Desperation Band

Sometimes all I need is 10 minutes of group text and I feel a whole lot better about life.

I’m just crying in my office at work. This song and His promises and my faith and His presence, they’re combining and overwhelming me in a humbling way. 

I am so unfaithful, but He remains. 
The Lord prepares a way for me in this uncertain life. 
The Lord will continue to prepare me to walk on water even though I insist on building bridges and boats. 
One day, Lord, one day I will find it in me to abandon my boat and step out among the waves. 


I need to just like… get this out.

This season of life I’m in is stretching. It’s definitely a transitional season, and I feel like I’m being prepared to step into a more permanent season. & God’s been like, “If we don’t deal with all this now, you’re going to have a lot harder of a time when this new season comes.” So He’s been stretching me, pulling me, growing me, and using people around me to break down my personal barriers in a safe way. But it doesn’t always feel safe. I’ve been trying to rest in knowing that it is all finished. It is all done. And now I have to do nothing but dare to believe it’s all true. 

Sunday night, Reach had another prayer meeting. And after worship, Natalie told me something that God had put on her heart for me. She said that the Lord wants me to know He’s a mountain mover. I’ve been staring at a lot of mountains in front of me for a long time, but He’s preparing to move them. And as it becomes evident that He’s moving mountains for me, others will be liberated by seeing that and enabled to walk in their own faith, like has happened before. 
That was resting on my heart, not moving, just in my mind for the rest of the day, and yesterday night, I went to the young adults group at my church. 

In worship, I was thanking God for my moved mountains, & He showed me a vision. (He’s been doing that a lot lately. I see visual moving pictures more than hear His voice, which is really new.) And there was this area covered by vast mountains. They overlapped one another and created a really rough terrain. I saw the Lord beginning to shake the earth, and the mountains began to shift. They started to move and align, and when He was finished, there were two rows of mountains with a clear path in between them. & I heard the Lord say, “Not only will I move the mountains in front of you, but I will move them into a direct and clear path for you. It may look like a valley but there will be clarity, and I will be walking with you. When others see your mountains move, they’re going to experience freedom.”

My heart has been really moved by the idea that the Lord has gone before me, in all things, and prepared a path, prepared blessings, prepared steps and opportunities. 

I’m daring to believe that I will walk through my mountains on steady ground, equipped and enabled to create an atmosphere of freedom.


i wanna watch Pride and Prejudice and take a nap.


"Time moves slower on Sundays." #vscocam

Today I went shopping with two girls I work with and they kept picking things up and asking me, “what would you wear with this?” and “what shoes would go good with this?” and I felt so like hip and cool. A lot of my answers were like “tucked in white v-neck and brown strappy flats” but they would like marvel at my answers like I was Marc Jacobs in the flesh and at one point, one of them was like, “Hope you’re perfect.” and I was like wow should u be paying me rn??


"little boy I will crush you intellectually" is my favorite tweet I’ve ever tweeted.