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Literally today it’s 45 degrees and tomorrow we’re supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow and then a day later it’s 45 again.

We simply cannot continue to believe that we will fulfill the Great Commission with spiritually motherless families and spiritually dysfunctional fathers who are trying to carry out dualistic roles they were never designed to fulfill. It is past time for men to scoot over and allow our matriarchs to co-reign with us to help bring the Kingdom of God to a desperate and dying world.

Kris Vallotton



I remember talking to Nat about the corporate Spirit that speaks to the church as a whole and moves over nations and speaks to the Church, and how I really felt like our generation was tapping into what He was saying, because I’ve seen so many people my age have a passion for safe homes, ministries, art, music, prayer, a vision of houses that are built on prayer and give love at every turn. 

This morning my dad prayed over my congregation, that we as the church would hear what the Spirit is speaking to us.
& that moment, I saw this vision… it was a building, and it had these long arms that extended outward into the world. It was reaching out and pulling huge crowds of people into the building, and I heard the Lord say, “Bring them in. House them here. Love them here. Go get them and bring them here, next to you.” 

And it was quick but solid, and it stood to confirm what I feel like God is using our generation for. It was good.

"more than conquerors" 

Romans 8:37

What does that mean anyway? 

I think that being a conqueror means winning in my own circle. It means seeing victory in my mind and my struggles and my life. 

I think that being more than a conqueror means that you are so full to overflow, that you now have the ability to step outside of your circle, into other circles, and declare victory, uphold righteousness, and walk alongside those in their struggle. 

You are not only a conqueror and a victor, you are more than a conqueror. 

"Who shall separate us form the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? ….
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”


There are some days where all I can do is listen to Daughter. 

Those days feel really heavy.


Literally our relationship

So proud of my globetrotter friend; he’s doing more with his life within 20 years than most do in 70, & still manages to be cooler than u. ✌️ | #vscocam (at Lakeside Mall)

Just something I was thinking about at church, so probably like

I know I’m inviting people to disagree with me, and that’s okay.

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I have a lot of homework this week.


My Monday.


It’s been a tired morning. | #vscocam

Days with weather like today (😒) make me miss days like this day. | #vscocam (at I-75)

I haven’t really written from my heart in a while, and I guess the fact that I’m avoiding homework has really inspired me to write, haha.

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I’m going to come out of this winter so much warmer than I was going in.