Sequoia National Park

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Well. Hm. So life is definitely moving forward.


Tasha Marie
Vancouver, BC
Nikon D800

We admire your conceptual portraits combined with landscapes. Do you plan every shot as it comes or does any planning go into it? Please tell us a little bit about your process.

I would say it’s half and half. I’ll try to plan most my shoots, but there’s times where I just talk my camera for a walk and see what I find. Often I’ll be shooting something I had planned out and then I’ll change it because I’ve been inspired to do something different. Most of my landscape photos are unplanned, I just always make sure to take my camera with me when traveling.

What relationship do you have with your models, and how much influence do they have in each piece of work produced?

When I’m not taking self portraits, I’m usually shooting close friends. I always find it easier to take photos of someone I know very well and can get along with. when I have an idea in mind I’ll usually know who I want to model for the image as well.

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Instagram: @teapalm
Flickr: @toshofosho


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I think its horrible how people just celebrate Halloween without knowing why! We wouldn’t even be here if Jesus hadn’t slain that colossal pumpkin

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Thank you for live-tweeting the walking dead with me yesdarlingido alexandersattler & dashbeardconfessional


fun drinking game: take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated

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i’d really like some wireless waterproof earbuds for shower time

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It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand.

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My sister told me that I looked like I came straight out of a Jane Austen film and that was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. #goals

I’m in lerv with this Free People dress! 

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There are too many of us accepting men who say: ‘I partially love you.’

'we cannot love or be loved in halves' by Della Hicks-Wilson (via dellahickswilson)

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Title: A Sky Full of Stars Artist: Coldplay 34,821 plays


A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay

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Find the things that stir your affections for Christ and saturate your life in them. Find the things that rob you of that affection and walk away from them. That’s the Christian life as easy as I can explain it for you.

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Having a boyfriend is so fun.


Sometimes you just have good hair days & there’s nothing you can do about it.