you shouldn’t have to
break yourself
and move your pieces.
if he was designed for you
he would fit.

'force' by Della Hicks-Wilson (via dellahickswilson)

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Goose Bumps.

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There are years that ask questions and years that answer.

Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God (J. P. Lippincott, 1937)

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Anonymous asked: Where do you get your jackets, like the green cargo jacket that you have? I'm looking for some jackets!

I got my green one at Macy’s, but yeah I find good ones at H&M, or Forever 21. Those are my main stores, honestly. :)



Good Friday and Easter are my favorite days.

Double date status with the only other couple who completes us 👫👫 (at Belle Isle Park)

I love it when old friends text me.

Anonymous asked: what laptop do you recommend for college? macbook air or macbook pro?

Depends what you’re using it for i guess. I chose my pro because it had a dedicated graphics card for my photos. Both are good machines, it’s just a matter of how much ram you need and how fast of a processor you want. I don’t know much about airs tbh.

It just makes the day so much better when it starts like this. | #vscocam (at Oakland University)


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Title: Ends of the Earth Artist: Lord Huron 7,615 plays


Ends of the Earth Lord Huron

to the ends of the earth 
I will follow you

Anonymous asked: I often have a hard time deciding how to address people on certain topics, or if I even should. For example, I have friends that smoke a lot of weed but I don't because of my conviction. However, do I stay away because they're always smoking? I never compromise who I am when I'm around non Christian friends and I always act in love. But sometimes I wonder if I should not be around them? I hope you understand what I'm asking

Hi friend :) There’s really no way to answer this question, because every situation has so many factors to it, that if I gave you a straight answer, I could easily mislead you out of ignorance of your friendship dynamic and not knowing all the information (which I understand is just simply impossible to give in a tumblr message :) )
That being said, I’m going to just remind you of what I know and encourage you to walk in things that Christ walked in when he was around people who didn’t share in his convictions. 

I think it’s so good that you find yourself able to stand firm and not compromise your convictions while walking in love with these friends. I hope you understand the importance of that. That’s your goal: to love the world, and through that love, point them to Christ. 

If it’s no temptation to you, I don’t see why that should be the reason you stop hanging out with them, but so many other things come into play. You could potentially get in legal trouble if you’re with them and they happen to get caught in possession. & I’d personally be bored if all they did was smoke and I didn’t want to. And then of course, you need to be honest with yourself, are you adopting any behaviors from them that you really don’t want to be adopting? 

I really don’t see a reason why you should have to totally cut them off, based on your message. I think you should be very aware of what impact they are making on your life, but hey. Enjoy your friends. Love them without agenda. Love them cause they’re cool people. And just be who you are. The Christ in you won’t be hidden if you’re being genuine. 

& the last note, I don’t think you have to bring up this topic with them or address anything. If they don’t know Jesus, there’s no reason for us to try to regulate their morality. I hope that makes sense.



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