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I want dis

I have a mighty need

oh my lanta need this

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Crêpes on crêpes.


I love how the presence of a Godly man makes me love being a woman. I’m not just talking romantic relationships. I’m talking about any man who sees me with the value and respect that God sees me. He lifts me up, he encourages, he makes me simultaneously feel more like a woman and love feeling it.
The world disgraces women in so many ways, and so I’m taking time to appreciate this part of God’s design. Whether it’s my father, my pastor, Cortney’s husband, male friends my age who are passionately following Christ… they bring so much life to my femininity. 

That’s a treasure and that’s the way it should be and I offer Jesus a thankful heart for Godly men.



I’ve spent my night in the Psalms, but my heart can’t move on from this,

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!
Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!

And it’s funny to be there. Because I feel like that’s exactly where I am in life. That is the season of life that I’m living in. It’s such a proclamation of faith. If you read all of 27, David has experience with the faithfulness of the Lord, and is holding onto that, but He doesn’t see it right now in his circumstance. He’s declaring what he knows the Lord will do. And then he ends with “I believe.” 

I believe that I will see the Lord break open doors for me. I believe that He will break the bondages of hesitancy and resistance, and my eyes will be flooded with Heavenly realities and Kingdom promises. I believe that my faith is not in vain, and that holding onto promises from a year ago is not a waste of time. I believe that the Lord is working in my life while I sleep, while I cry, and while I sin. I believe that the Lord is preparing rivers for me in wastelands, and sight in my blindness. I believe that the Lord will use me for tremendous impact and that my fear will bow down in submission to the King of Life and Light.

And I will be strong, and I will let my heart take courage.

And I will wait for the Lord.

This isn’t what I went looking for, but it’s from 3 months ago, and now I’m remembering this and crying, because He is fulfilling so many things. So many.

it sucks to remember a post you wrote like several months ago and wanting to find it and having to dig through your archive blindly. UGH.


Norma Jean: Women’s Selvage

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I used to have this sad, strange thought that it was almost a shame that I feel so strongly about God’s heart toward women having a voice and real leadership roles within The Church and in ministry. I could never marry a man who didn’t agree, and I thought that meant I’d be missing out on some great men because of my convictions. 

But you know what? I don’t think it’s a shame at all anymore. I think those men are missing out on some great women. 


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Anonymous asked: I'm already excited for your wedding even though you're not engaged yet :-P eheh

Haaaaaaaaaaa yeah well I’m definitely not engaged~~~

"Time moves slower on Sundays." #vscocam

I am not inspired,
By your nose

I am not inspired,
By your vocabulary

I am inspired,
By the fire in your chest,
Which I fear to approach.

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People don’t just give you authority to speak into their lives. You earn it. And you don’t earn it by being smart or being right, you earn it by being vulnerable and acknowledging your own flaws first. You earn it not by raising yourself up and talking down to them, but by lowering yourself and talking to them eye-to-eye.

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