I can’t stay awakeee

Anonymous asked: Do you have any advice for someone with a fear of public speaking?

Not really, haha. Just talk how you would want to be talked to, and take deep breaths. The extra oxygen to your brain actually has calming effects. 

That’s all I got beb.

Anonymous asked: have your other relationships with friends (girls and guys) changed since being in a relationship?

Not in any major way. I spend a lot of time with Nick, but my girl friends are still a huge part of my life, and I make sure I have time with them. Maybe I see them a little less than I did before, but hardly, and I think that’s expected. 
As for my guy friends, I haven’t run into any issues. Sometimes that’s a huge road block in relationships, but Nick is so laid back and not the jealous type at all, so my guy friends are still a part of my life. They’re mostly his friends or my friends’ boyfriends, so there’s just no weirdness, haha.

Anonymous asked: what is the biggest thing you and your boyfriend struggle with?

At this stage in our relationship, it’s communication (typical probably.)

If I feel like he misunderstands me, I need to work on responding and making that known. I take things in and process them, but I need to work on giving him immediate feedback and response. And he’s too quick to speak into situations I tell him about and put his opinion on it without hearing the whole thing or understanding me, & all I really want is to be listened to and met where I’m at.
We communicate with God very differently as individuals, and we’re still learning that aspect of each other, and it factors into the way we communicate with each other.

Anonymous asked: hey lovely, you never posted the picture of that book project you did for one of your classes! I still want to see!

Wow, kudos for remembering! Haha, I haven’t gotten it back from my professor yet. They’re on display in the university library right now. I’ll get it back in the next couple weeks!


me you steph and nat. sunday morning Belle Isle adventure. Consider it planned. hahaha.

Since I get asked pretty frequently about my personal photography, here’s some shots I took in late 2012 on a trip to Belle Isle, this really cute little island between Detroit and the Canadian border. There’s a conservancy, an aquarium, bike trails, cool architecture, and even an abandoned zoo and amusement park. All with free admission. Such a cool gem of a place.

Belle Isle Conservancy 

Taken on Kodak Color Slide Film

copyright 2012, Hope Fischer



If you’re a fan of Adobe’s Lightroom editing software, today brought some exciting news for processing your photos on the go. 

Adobe officially released the long-awaited Lightroom mobile app for iPad. Check out all the gritty details on The Verge below. 

Lightroom Goes Mobile With Official iPad App

Title: Living Dead Artist: Have Mercy 182 plays

Living Dead || Have Mercy

We’re done for good and we’re good as dead
Where you sleep is where I plan to make my bed
I’ve got a song that belongs on your right arm
I need to know what you feel
And if you mean no harm

Title: All Through The Night Artist: Sleeping At Last 1,620 plays


Todd’s Late Night Jam: Sleeping At Last’s cover of All Through The Night. Smooth and beautiful.

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Six O’Clock Beer Co.

Teresa Sweeney


Honey locust, 31 Years by Bryan Nash Gill

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Me in the apocalypse. 

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