I’m gonna pray, and sing, and hope; I’m gonna weep, and beg, and moan; I’m gonna fight, and struggle, and doubt. But in the end, I’m gonna be His and He is gonna be mine. For my life is not my own, but the product of a God who breathed life into dust and said “Follow Me, out into the storm.” and if I fall, He is quick to answer, for He is the God who calms the storms, and He is the God who is with us in it all.

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I’m at a burning bush moment in my life.

I have had burning bush moments before, and I’ve walked through them and lived in the promised land. But there are a couple moments before me now where the Lord has said, “Go. Go ahead. Walk into that.” And I have given every reason in the book as to why I should not, could not, will not, and need to wait. And after every excuse of looking to myself, His response is to always look at Himself and say, ” I AM.”
"I am brave.
I am strong.
I am love.
I am patient.
I am, and that means you are.”
Those steps of faith, where you feel like you’re stepping off of a cliff and you’re sweating and tired and shaking, but you close your eyes and move… those are the times you see God put His ability into your inability, and all of a sudden you’re walking out of Egypt and He’s parting seas for you. 

Burning bush moments have always changed my life. And it’s so hard to just take your shoes off and say “yes.” Fear feels like it just follows me like a shadow, waiting for a moment to bite into my spine. But the last year of my life has been miracle after miracle over my mind, and burning bush moments have started to excite me. 

 But ultimately, the reason I’m writing this is to ask you to pray for me. I need to mature in so many things, honestly. I’m having grace for myself, finally, but…. I just have some big things in front of me. And walking into it wisely, with the eyes of Christ… it’s everything.



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I will stay gentle
no matter what I endure,
I am so much more.



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We just ate sushi and now we’re tired so we’re napping in the park. What a Monday. #vscocam (at Rochester Municipal Park)



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Why do I always always always feel the weight of other peoples’ pasts?


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H U N T   O R   B E   H U N T E D

The Walking Dead returns Sunday October 12 9/8c

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Typewriter Series #908 by Tyler Knott Gregson

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Words are bridges.
And they are traps, jails, wells.

Octavio Paz, from “Letter of Testimony”, in A Tree Within, translated by Eliot Weinberger (via hiddenshores)

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pour it up pour it up

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