Anonymous asked: Hi hope! I just started college and I don't know anyone here, I don't have any friends yet and I'm super lonely and sad. I don't know where I should look to meet people, I just feel so lost without my community from home and all my friends. I don't even want to leave my dorm. Any advice? :(

Hey love! This is a really normal feeling. It’s kind of culture shock. You moved out, and your support system isn’t close by. I never lived in dorms so I can’t personally relate, but I know so many of my friends who went through that. It’s okay to feel lonely and sad, but my advice is to motivate yourself to get involved. Walk around campus when you have some free time, just to see faces and to help it feel more familiar. If you recognize someone from a class, smile and say hi. Get info on clubs that you’re interested in. See if any of your classes have study groups that you could go to (even if you don’t need to study! good place to meet people.) 
Above all, just try to relax. Be kind, be friendly. Friends will start to form naturally. It’s going to be hard to put yourself out there, but you’ll feel more confident and capable in yourself when you look back on it all. :)


I don’t like the term “falling in love.” When you fall, it’s a mistake that leaves you embarrassed or hurt or both. When you fall, you eventually get back up and they call the getting up “falling out of love” So I don’t want either. I want to grow in love instead. Loving you feels nothing like falling—it feels a lot more like blooming. The reaching of a flower for the sun; the reaching of my hand for yours.

Perhaps the most radical thing we followers of Jesus can do in the information age is treat each other like humans—not heroes, not villains, not avatars, not statuses, not Republicans, not Democrats, not Calvinists, not Emergents—just humans. This wouldn’t mean we would stop disagreeing, but I think it would mean we would disagree well.


Typewriter Series #886 by Tyler Knott Gregson

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I’m sorry I am but nothing will ever top this gif this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen and I want to kiss this dog

He’s ready for an adventure

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Unless you’re able to look at marriage through the lens of Scripture instead of through your own fears or romanticism, through your particular experience, or through your culture’s narrow perspectives, you won’t be able to make intelligent decisions about your own marital future.

Timothy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage  

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Title: Golden City Artist: Coasts 906 plays

Golden City - Coasts
If we play this right, we can take the world
But I left my heart in London



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Title: If It Means a Lot to You Artist: A Day to Remember 33,033 plays


A Day To Remember // If It Means a Lot To You

Hey darling, I hope you’re good tonight,
I know you don’t feel right when I’m leaving. 
Yeah, I want it but no, I don’t need it. 
Tell me something sweet to get me by.

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I wish tumblr mobile gave you message notifications. That’s all I’ve been using for the past couple weeks and I’m seeing like hella messages just now that have probably been sitting in my inbox for weeks.


my ideal “camping”