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Title: Crawlersout Artist: Purity Ring 1,786 plays


Crawlersout by Purity Ring

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Title: All I Want (Kodaline Cover) Artist: Ellie Goulding 808 plays


This is just amazing, Ellie Goulding dropped today her cover of Kodaline's song “All I Want”. I mean, Ellie’s vocal couldn’t be more perfect for this song.

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My friend Chris just tried to tell me that Frozen’s “Let it Go” is about losing your virginity.


Pug Photosynthesis

gpoy in the morning

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Title: Paint Artist: The Paper Kites 2,411 plays

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I have understood that at certain and most difficult moments I shall be alone, deserted by everyone, and that I must face all the storms and fight with all the strength of my soul, even with those from whom I expected to get help.

But I am not alone, because Jesus is with me, and with Him I fear nothing. I am well aware of everything, and I know what God is demanding of me. Suffering, contempt, ridicule, persecution, and humiliation will be my constant lot. I know no other way. For sincere love – ingratitude; this is my path, marked out by the footprints of Jesus.

My Jesus, my strength and my only hope, in You alone is all my hope. My trust will not be frustrated.

St. Faustina, Diary 746 (via burning-lampstand)

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever had problems with your body image? I've been struggling with it for five years and I don't know if you have any advice?

I have struggled with loving my body at times, yes. But I have never hated my body or the way I look, so I can’t relate to a daily struggle; mine has been situational. 
But I do know that your body is a servant. It is not here to rule your mind, your thoughts, and your emotions. It is designed to serve you. Your feet will take you places, your smile will brighten a day, your words will impact a life, your hands will lift up the weary, your back will carry your cross. 
If it is doing these things, it is serving you well. 
Matt Chandler gave a sermon on anxiety before, and he said that when we place an elevated value on things that were not meant to hold that kind of value, fear and anxiety surround those things. & I see this so prevalent in the way women view their bodies. Giving it such a high value, high place of authority in their minds, that their body will never, ever be good enough for them. They’ll never be satisfied with it, because they’re putting false value in it. 
Like I’ve said before to these kinds of questions, your beauty is not in question. That is just something you have to speak over yourself until you see its truth. Your beauty is inherent. Loving your body is realizing its uniqueness, its function, and its beauty, while still knowing, “this is my flesh, and this is not what makes me important.”

Do not believe the lie that self-love is pride. Pride happens when you place other people under you instead of at eye level. Self-love is so important. You’re never going to look perfect, but you’re always going to look like you, and when you realize how amazing and individualized that is, you can be free to love yourself, one day at a time.


Anonymous asked: I have some questions.. Does god know who will be saved and what our days will look like from the beginning? If so how does prayer change things?

You know, this is one of those things… one of those things I don’t have completely figured out, but have learned that is okay. God is all-knowing, He does not just possess knowledge, He is Truth and knowledge, with time in His hands. He knows the past, the present, and the future, and these are the bindings of His promises to us, since He is never guessing or assuming, but knows all things with certainty. So yes, He knows who will be saved and what our days will look like. 
But this supreme, sovereign being also has entered into relationship with the human race. We are confined by time, so our prayers change our lives, while God’s existence remains fixed. He’s tuned His ears to our prayers, and these prayers unlock some of the knowledge He possesses and imparts it to us, so we can better walk with Him and in His will. He wants to talk to us. He wants to share with us. He wants us to have a great awareness of what He is doing in our world, and prayer is that communication. We may be blind to our solution or a next step, but through prayer (which is not just request after request, it’s a dialogue back and forth with the Father), we come to a new revelation or better understanding of our lives or the lives of those around us. 

I hope that makes sense, I could have written so much more, because there’s so much here, but that’s kind of a gist of what I have on that. :)

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Each time you happen to me all over again.

Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence (via itsfromabook)

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