I love how many people I’ve gotten to meet this summer and how I’ve seen my friends grow towards one another. I’m a blessed woman.


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Anonymous asked: How old is Nick?


Sometimes adventures take you to the roof. #vscocam (at Peacemakers International)


We’re here to love God & love people & slide down huge inflatable slides. #vscocam (at Peacemakers International)


Anonymous asked: How did you and Nick start dating? Could you tell us the story! :) :)

Haha awe. Sure! Its pretty typ. So late last summer my friend Jenn had just moved back to Michigan and started seeing this guy Terry (now her fiancé). Well her and I would hang out and catch up, and she was telling me about Terry, and mentioned that he had some good-looking, Jesus-loving, single friends. & honestly, I didn’t really care. I laughed it off and just let it be. But she brought it up again a while later. She was like, “Really Hope. Terry’s best friend Nick is awesome and I want you to meet him! He asked about my friends and I told him about you. He has a heart for missions and I know you guys would get along.” And I just had the mindset of “what can it hurt.” So I was like yeah I’ll meet him if it works out. I think he followed my Instagram or something.
A couple months go by and nothing really came of it, and Jenn brought it up again. She goes, “Can I just give him your number please?” I honestly wasn’t into this whole situation at all, but I told her she could. Like a week later he texted me and a few days after that we had a coffee date. He went in for a handshake when we met but I like dove in for a hug haha. We still joke about that. We talked for like 4 hours just intro stuff. It was really great conversation and oh my goodness, he is such a 10, I was swooning.
Long story short, we did little dates for another month and a half, and then one morning he planned on going to church with me. I was running late so like curling my hair and brushing my teeth at the same time when he showed up at my door. I swung it open and went to turn around to finish getting ready but he grabbed my arm and took a bouquet of daisies out from behind his back and asked me if I’d be his girlfriend.
And the rest is history I suppose. :)
(Jenn loves the credit and doesn’t let us forget)

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Weirdos on a date


The Names of God

  • El Shaddai: The sustainer
  • El Ohim: Powerful and mighty
  • El Olam: The everlasting
  • Jehovah Simmah: The Lord is present
  • Jehovah Jireh: He will provide
  • Jehovah Rapha: Our healer
  • Yahweh: I am that I am

SO EXCITED FOR @jennkuretich & @terryguido ! Congrats to the future Guidos! 💍👫 #vscocam


I sit before flowers

hoping they will train me in the art 
of opening up.

I stand on mountain tops believing 
that avalanches will teach me to let go.

I know 

but I am here to learn.

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You know. Testimony means so much to me. And seeing Jenn’s (my newly engaged friend), is such an amazing picture of God’s restoring grace in our lives. 
Is her life perfect? Far from. But this is a woman who came from an awful childhood situation and has been through quite a dose of unhealthy relationships. Like I mean, I met her 8 years ago and watched several boys treat her like SHIT. & she gave her whole heart to them. All our high school-esque conversations about the men we hoped we’d marry one day, and then Terry happens. Set up on a blind date 2 months after moving back to Michigan (a place she did not want to be, by the way). 
Her heart has flourished with him. Has it been easy for her, trusting that Terry would love her despite her experience with love? No. Has their relationship been a fairytale? Based on her Instagram, most would say yes ;) but I know it hasn’t been. 
But Terry loves her so well, the best he knows how. I adore Terry for the friend he is to Nick. I love him even more for the husband he’ll be to Jenn. His love makes her glow. And I am just obsessed with the life I know they’ll have. 

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I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am.

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