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what time are you done giving surgeries doctor

it’s actually a heather gray blazer jacket TOOD.

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Take Care by City & Colour


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I just wanna go outside and play

Right!? My boyfriend is the same way! Cuts and qualities and shines and I’m like, “oh it’s pretty!”

Yeah! Same! it was honestly ridiculous. I was like I’M INSECURE IN MY WOMANHOOD NOW.
No it was educational. I get all emotional over beautiful engagement rings, so I’m still clearly the woman.

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Nick brought me lunch at work today and we were talking about our friend popping the big question today and it turns out Nick knows a lot more about rings than I do. 

He’s naming off all these cuts and I’m just like, “…is it…square?……”


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I sneezed at my internship and from like down a hallway and across the office my mom texted me “bless you”

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Mary Jane & Spider-man. [video]

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  • Men: Not ALL men.
  • Men to their daughters: Yes, all men. Every single one of them.